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Modular Space Design Project

Final project for Norwich University of Art.
For this project I designed and built a system of modular interior space themed assets for use by level builders. This project is still ongoing with final deliveries aimed at the Unreal and Unity market place.

Owen badham modspacrends04

In engine renders 01: Door to flight seats room

Mod Space Fly Through, Example build

Owen badham modspacrends05

In engine renders 02: Flight seat room

Owen badham modspacrends08

In engine renders 03: Main living area

Owen badham modspacrends02

In engine renders 04: Blast doors

Owen badham highresscreenshot000111

Overview of modular pieces

Owen badham highresscreenshot00000

Wall sections

Owen badham highresscreenshot00010


Owen badham highresscreenshot00004

Blast doors

Owen badham highresscreenshot00008

Stairs and railings

Owen badham highresscreenshot00007

Tables and chairs

Owen badham highresscreenshot00006

flight chair

Owen badham highresscreenshot00002

Small items

Owen badham highresscreenshot00003

Vents and pipes